Ministry for this millenneum and beyond.

Altared Lives Ministries officially came into existence as a non-profit faith-based organization in 2003. Since then, its focus was to be a blessing to the holy hip hop community. Some are familiar with our Christian hip hop radio station, Altared Lives Radio. But the ministry existed long before Altared Lives Radio was launched online. Our purpose is to promote Christian faith and to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in a way that pleases Him and attracts those in urban culture who enjoy Gospel hip hop music.

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Compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices

Altared Lives Radio spins signed and unsigned artists such as Lecrae, Canton Jones, Urban D, IROCC Williams, Flame, This'l, Trip Lee, K-Drama, Sivion, Phanatik, Cross Movement, LA Symphony, Tedashii, Pettidee, Ambassador, Sean Slaughter, Excelsius, MVP, Ian Von, The Tonic, Rawsrvnt, T'Juan, Humble TIP, Humble Beast, Da T.R.U.T.H., Knine, Bobby Bishop, D-M.A.U.B., SYD, Braille, J.A.Z., La Familia Muzik, John Reuben, 116 Clique, Fedel, R-Swift, Mahogany Jones, S.O.C.O.M., Everyday Process, Relikis, Jesus or Bust, KamB.I.N.O., Flagz, Shei Atkins, Elevationists, C-Micah, Billy Isreal, 3D Remedy, Churched Out, CY, Popp Da Rippa, Da Messenga, Rhema Soul, Norris J, J. Journey, Lavoisier, and about 200 additional Gospel hip hop artists!
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Artist Mini Bios

Check out the Artist Mini Bios to get the 411 on the true ministry behind the music!
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Check out our podcasts as we discuss a variety of topics including music, ministry and more.
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From books, to links, to online directories, to ministry tools, we've got you covered!
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Music Production

We have a variety of beats to choose from, sure to fit your upcoming project.